What You Need To Know About This Platform

Students have seen the benefits of success and are trying as much as they can to excel in their respective disciplines. This platform has been put up to add some flavour and scent for students to find studying a fun thing, instead of that strenuous and rigorous stuff it normally looks like.

We as part of the student community have tenaciously/considerably carved out this platform where every student will have access to past questions, course/academic related PDFs, project materials, news etc.

You can snap your past questions and upload now here. Yon can contact the admin for any inquiry or suggestion; feel free to leave us a comment about what you see to enable us serve the student commmunity better and please don't stop there.


The website development is driven from the passion to ease scholars research and quest for indispensable materials and information that will ease their study.

As students we saw the need to have a library where student can sort for material that will always be readily available at their disposal anytime, anywhere; not just textbooks, magazine and news paper but also get project materials, past question, lesson centers, PDF and other vital materials and services we offer.

SCHOLARS NICHE is a place where you get all that you need to succeed in university. We connect you to tutors and bring you closer to the materials you need while making it handing on the net.

It provides platform where you can interact with tutors who have answers to your much complex question while exposing you to the materials that will give an hedge in your field of study.


About Us

Scholars Niche is a website alive because of the vision of DEVARCHIVE a software company in Nigeria to influence change in the academy world of scholars.

Scholar Niche
Where Problems are solved not discuss.

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