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Animal and Environment Biology


A knowledge of Biology is required in such unrelated fields as agriculture, oil exploration, medicine, town planning, space travel, politics, and philosophy. There is hardly any area of human endeavour, which does not benefit from a biological viewpoint.

The study of life grew so rapidly that the naturalist became the zoologist, botanist, or more recently, the microbiologist, or he became the taxonomist, physiologist, or the geneticist. Today, there are literally hundreds of specialized professions within the biological sciences. These extensive specializations have led to so many new discoveries that biological sciences are now in the centre of scientific revolution.

Despite this, the science of life is now sometimes taught in an integrated form as biology. This approach simplifies understanding of all areas emphasizing the unifying principles: it makes the student familiar with many specializations so that he can more reasonably select a career and understand its place within the context of biological science.


There are lots of challenging opportunities for the biologist. Globally, problems arising from soil infertility and food production, food protection, pest management, higher productivity from marine resources, oil pollution, economic uses and conservation of the mangrove and tropical rain forests, organisation and disease control, all require biologists to find solution.

The University of Science and Technology is situated in a unique ecological zone. Within easy reach are mangrove swamps, ocean, fresh and brackish waters, rain forest – all very little studied. Urbanization, industrialization, and population growth are causing radical changes in the environment, the effects of which are unknown. The main problems facing us here can be best solved by Nigerian biologist who should have both the knowledge and techniques to tackle them.


Courses for the B.Sc Honours degree in Applied Biology are designed to provide the Students with a general understanding of the Biological Sciences (Botany, Microbiology and Zoology) together with an insight into some specialized and applied aspects of the subject.

In the first year of the four-year degree programme, students take courses which extend their basic knowledge of Biology, chemistry and Physics or Mathematics. In the second, third and fourth years, students take core courses and some other selected relevant courses. The B.Sc graduate in Applied Biology is thus suited for careers in industries, hospital research institutes and for specialized postgraduate training which could also lead to self employment.

In addition, the Department of Applied and Environmental Biology also provides service courses for students in other disciplines.

In view of the foregoing, the academic programmes of the department of Applied and Environmental Biology have been designed with the following objectives:-
a. to provide a suitably broad and ecological background in the Biological Sciences to ensure an appreciation of the unity of nature;

b. to produce graduates who are well educated in the sciences;

c. to provide specialized which will serve as a tool in analysing tackling and solving the biological problems of Rivers State and Nigeria;

d. to prepare students for employment as innovative technicians technologists, scientists and educators in biological and allied field;

e. to produce middle and high level technological manpower who can engage in experimental and analytical work in the field of life sciences;

f. to provide opportunity for substantial continuing education.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the B.Sc Applied Biology programme is normally through the joint Matriculation Examinations (UME).
Candidates must satisfy both the University and Faculty / Department requirements.

West African School Certificate (WASC) SSCE/NECO/GCE/O/Level with credit passes in 5 (five) appropriate subjects. The credits must be in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and any other Science subject for Applied Biology obtained in NOT more than 2 (two) sittings. In addition to acceptable pass in UME. Such candidates will be admitted in year 1 of the degree programme.

Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English Language.

B. Direct Entry
Direct Entry to 2nd and 3rd year of the Degree programme is available to candidates who posses the HSC, ND and HND Certificates respectively. Holders of ND / HND or ALMLT are eligible for admission to relevant degrees provided that such candidate also satisfy UME requirements and have the relevant credits in SSCE / WASC / GCE/ O/Level. Such candidates are considered for admission into year II of the four year programmes

Duration of Programme

The duration of the programme for a B.Sc. Degree in Applied biology is 8 Semesters (4years). Programme / Sub-discipline / Discipline structure to include period of formal studies in the Universities Industrial Training, Planned visit and projects.
Course content / specification / syllabus of all courses in the programme are as contained in the Departmental Students’ HandBook.