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What on earth is not Chemistry? This question captures the multi-faceted nature of chemistry in our environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the minerals we explore and exploit are all chemicals.

A degree programme in chemistry thus affords the student a central role in the well-being of humans and animals, as well as in the interaction with other disciplines of science.The Department of Chemistry was established in the early 70’s as one of the pioneer departments in the then Rivers State College of Science and Technology.

The Department initially prepared students for the General Certificate in Education (G.C.E.) at the advanced level and the University Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination. Later, the Diploma Certificate in Chemistry was added to the existing programmes.


The Department of Chemistry, like its fellow science and applied science departments, is able to provide a basis for students to gain knowledge and understanding of the principles of the discipline, and also in Chemical Technology. They are thus able to acquire expertise in the application of such principles. The training is supplemented with courses in Physics, Mathematics, Biology and other Foundation Studies such as History, Philosophy, Computer Studies etc.