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We believe in the motto of our great University and see the department as a unit of Excellence and Creativity. This great department started as a programme in the department of Business Administration in 1980. The marketing programme became a department in the 2002-2004 academic session with Gabriel A. Okwandu, Associate Professor, as the Pioneer Head of Department. The department of marketing has a vibrant Ph.D, MBA, MSc, PGD and BSc programme with several specializations and our students are some of the best in character and learning.


In line with the national policy on education, which among other things emphasizes scientific approach to management system, the marketing programme is designed to produce consumer oriented managers who will help to bring the mission of business and non business organizations to reality.


The programme is designed to:
1. Produce efficient and effective marketing and sales managers.
2. Produce lecturers who will handle related courses in universities and other institutions of higher learning
3. Propagate the development of marketing thought and philosophy in business and management practice.